A player was sent off after ten seconds during Andorra and Poland

Andorra Ricard Fernandez received a straight red card after just ten seconds in Poland’s victory over Andorra (1-4) on Friday in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar.

How to destroy your team’s chances in just ten seconds. He set off in a massive challenge against Poland on Friday during the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, and Andorra’s pick found itself down to ten in less than a minute.

On the first deep ball of the match, Ricard “Coco” Fernandez finds himself in a duel with Camil Glick. History To take the best out of Monaco, the Andorran striker has been baffled. Too much since the 22-year-old striker was given a direct red card by the referee even before the 20th minute of the match.

Poland takes place thanks to the excellent Lewandowski

Stronger across the board and taking full advantage of their Nigerian supremacy, Poland quickly widened the gap in this match. Robert Lewandowski scored a few minutes after Fernandez was sent off, then saw Linsues Przemyslav Frankowski score the first half goal for the entire Jozuiak.

If Andorra were briefly hoping to suspend the equalizer thanks to a goal from Valles, Robert Lewandowski allowed Arkadiusz Milik to score and give the Polish side a further lead before returning to the dressing room.

History to perfect his performance and to keep little hope of qualifying directly for the tournament in Qatar, Robert Lewandowski went there with a small double after the break.

Second in Group A after England, Poland is sure to end up with the worst jump. But a very big success next Monday against Hungary coupled with a huge (somewhat improbable) defeat for the Three Lions against San Marino and the Munich partners will win a ticket to the World Cup.

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