Remco Evenvenpol won the grape race and was hit by the fire

His captain, Remco Evenpol, won the course des Raisins after 60 kilometers on Thursday to recall Julian Alabilip, who returned to the competition after the Tour de France. For both riders, the race was able to serve as a venue as they took parts of the next World Championships in September, competing in the Flanders.

The race actually started 70 kilometers from the line, when Julian Alabilip (Disunning-Quick Step) hit a pebble section. But it was his teammate Remco Evenpol who made the break more than ten miles, assisted by Alfilip and Caspar Askreen, who played at the break.

There was a fire in the race

Except a minute earlier Belgium had stopped his number on fire. The race was suspended, the runners were immobile for long minutes on the road, and it was time for firefighters to control the fire that was in line with the course of the race.

Remco Evan Paul has signed on for the sixth win of his season, the 20th of his career. He picks up his scores before the World Championships, which will take place at home on September 26, where he will want to shine.


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