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Matt Damon may have shown his interest in Ridley Scott’s direction in “Alone on Tuesday” and with the support of the film crew, Fox Studios wanted another actor: Channing Todd.

2015 Twentieth Century Fox

Matt Damon is not enough ?! This is what Fox Studios thought when choosing a star for the film adaptation of the novel. Alone on Mars. Said its author Andy Weir Cinema Blend The studio wanted a completely different cast to play astronaut Mark Watney, who was forced to survive on Mars.

“When Matt Damon showed interest, we were like, ‘Yeah, big.’ I’m not saying anything about it alone on Mars. My only job is to cash my check. [Mais] The producers and Ridley said “Oh, it works.”

But the studio insisted on giving the role to a different actor: Channing Datum. Weir recalled this disagreement:

I could not find it [Tatum dans le rôle]. He’s a handsome man, but I do not see him playing this super smart guy. I believe Chaning Datum is smart, but he’s not a character to play with. Either he plays handsome, or badass or both.

2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Radbach-Toon Entertainment LLC.

Chaning Datum “Magic Mike XXL”

Saning Tatum praises … or not. Meanwhile, at the time, he was filming under the guidance of Quentin Tarantino (Les Hood Salobarts) and the Goen brothers (Ave, Caesar!), While Matt Damon landed the role. Alone on Mars, And his performance won him an Oscar for Best Actor.

Ridley Scott and Damon later reunited Alone on Mars Since they filmed The Lost Duel (somehow out of contagion), at least part of it takes place in France. There he rubbed shoulders with Adam Driver, Ben Affleck, Jodi Comer and Harriet Walter. The film is set to release in French theaters on October 13.

Small details hidden in “Alone on Mars”:

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