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It’s one of the strangest adventures in the NBA right now, and the night continued with yet another success in its pocket. On the verge of an internal breakdown and at the heart of rumors a few weeks before the trade deadline, the Hawks seem to be finding basketball just in time. A sixth straight victory, this time against Boston (108-92), which should certainly calm things down in Georgia over the next 10 days.

Another smile, a vision He runs From the bench the Hawks Friday night in front of the benches from Massachusetts.

But where did this team go?

Conference finalists and predictors this season at the top of the Eastern Conference, Nate MacMillan’s men had had a terrible first half of the season, so much so that we kept track of performances including John Collins, Danilo Galinari and Bogdan Bogdanovich to name a few, as the date approached. The final trade. Admittedly, no one really knew the degree of explosion in the workforce, but there was an explosion. Finally, Cam Reddish was the only person to leave Atlanta so far, and since then…it’s a whole bunch getting their shit back. Once the young winger’s transfer was registered, several media outlets close to the Hawks reported that Reddish had asked to leave the franchise already this summer, in order to gain opportunities to play elsewhere. A situation that Cam’s teammates were apparently aware of, which may have contributed to some sort of anxiety both on and off the field. Who is there to say that the transformation only comes from the departure of the wing? No. But did this contribute to this continuous renaissance? surely. As we’ve already developed recently, the Falcons has many elements that cross over at the best time in recent days, and that’s a total game-changer compared to last month’s vibe. Worst defense in the NBA? If the overall numbers remain modest, since December 15 the stats have all been on the rise: With De’Andre Hunter, Onyeka Okongwu and Clint Capela all together, it immediately causes different things to happen in the speculator.

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But efforts have also come from abroad, and this was particularly seen on Friday evening. Kevin Hutter, aggressive from the start of the match, brought his arm length and height to block Jaylene Brown. A counter and interception of the magician, accompanied by John Collins covering Jason Tatum in the hoop, DeAndre Hunter who stopped and Clint Capella who veered through an alley. Boston watchers, of course, have come to ask us two or three questions about networks: Who are these hawks? Since when do they defend like this? An equivalent surprise by one from the other, Trae Young also went there with strong passes or good passing readings, allowing Atlanta to focus an entire group in their own half of the field. On the other hand, in attack, the recent acquisition of a whole group necessarily makes the difference: Dillon Wright, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Danilo Galinari, Lou Williams and Onika Okonjo turned on the Boston substitutions, allowing the Hawks to take the lead in the first half. And even if we could only give a defensive designation to two of these five players on paper (Dillon and Big O), I was glad that Nate Macmillan saw the others give themselves up for defense. A logical continuation of five major courses sets the tone, and allows Atlanta to unravel the game, seen during last year’s playoffs.

So, the inevitably killer question: will it last, and if so, for how long? The trade deadline is Thursday, February 10th, so until then some heads may still be trading. However, the momentum looks excellent and it will be interesting to see if Travis Schlink still pulls the trigger by then. An excellent test is coming Sunday, the Lakers will be in town with LeBron and AD definitely on the field together. When you know the history of the King in Atlanta, there is enough to shed two or three drops of sweat. But when we also see the level of play in L.A. for some time, it would be very smart for the Hawks to play a purely match against Angelino. In that sense, if Atlanta retain the Lakers’ title and possibly beat it in front of their home fans, there could be a near-total shutdown of Georgia’s rumor writers. Knowing that Toronto and Phoenix will also pass through the State Farm Arena, there will be no shortage of opportunities to truly gauge these new Hawks. But one thing seems for sure, which is very good for this team’s fan base, is that the unbearable and unbearable group in the fall is gradually giving way to a team and focused team, responsible for the last 6 consecutive victories. Come on, put in more effort and the drag will surely be gone from Atlanta, enough to drive the very exciting second part of the season.

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He added Boston to the list of teams that took the Falcons from the wrong place at the wrong time. Thanks to a very good John Collins and a very solid tabletop, the Atlanta has confirmed its good shape and will have to recharge the batteries. Sunday is Showtime against the Lakers, an appointment not to be missed under any circumstances.


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