Is it not possible to return to Italy?  Christian Erickson threatens difficulties due to defibrillator

Danish star Christian Eriksen has been in trouble after using an ICD defibrillator at his Italian club Inter Milan. Lucio Moss, president of the Italian Sports Cardiologists’ Association, says playing high-quality sports with an ICT device is banned in Italy. Radio Punto Nuvo Thus confirming a relevant statement Cassette Dello game. “The protocols are very strict in Italy, so I don’t know if we will see Ericsson again in the Italian tournament.”


Danish Association: “No News” in Ericsson

However, it is too early to predict exactly when Ericsson will be able to play competitive games again and how long he will have to wear the defibrillator on his body. A statement from the Danish association’s media round on Friday with coach Caspar Hullmond and press spokesman Jacob Haier was not confirmed. Cassette Dello game, According to which Ericsson is said to have already performed an operation. “We have no news. If there is news, we will announce it on Twitter,” Higher said.

Hullmond stressed Friday: “We have a good relationship with Christian and we’re very happy that he is still performing well. But Christian is going through difficult weeks, we still do not know what to expect. We can only say they are going there.”

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