First tribute to Jean Costex before his last cabinet

The Cabinet meeting, to be held at 11 a.m. this Thursday, could be the last event to unite the current Costex government. Also, behind the scenes, we are already paying tribute to Mattignon’s tenant.

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Funny environment. This Thursday, April 28, at 11 a.m., marks the beginning of the first cabinet since the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, and undoubtedly Jean Costex, the head of government, almost two years later, in the Met. The outgoing head of state announced last Tuesday that he would submit his resignation and the resignation of his government to the head of state without delay.A new level“Opens. Emmanuel Macron, the current order expires on May 13, he said he would take in the interim.
A few steps behind“If there is a re-election.

That being said, it is a full-fledged government that will be in the Presidential Palace on Thursday morning: Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Secretaries of State will all be in attendance. That means 42 people have been invited … more people to the rogue salon, the usual place for the meeting to take place in the village hall of Elise.

Special atmosphere compels: The courtyard of the palace is also exceptionally open to the press for government visits. After the panel of ministers, this time behind closed doors, before frying, a big smile at the sight under the sound of flashes. The cocktail-lunch will be served by the re-elected President in the presence of Elysee General Secretary Alexis Kohler and Secretary-General of the Government Claire Landois.

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The occasion for Emmanuel Macron’s new tribute to Jean Costex, he described “A kind man with a social physique“:”Jean Costex came from the right; He has guided one of the most social policies of the last decades because he has a heart and he is socially capable.“, The head of state slipped.”He did the job“, Underline the ministers unanimously. An adviser to conclude further:”Loyalty to the end“.

Jean Costex will now have to submit his resignation in the coming days: starting Friday, April 29th, according to government sources, but more likely early next week.

And what about his replacement opportunity? Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that he would replace Jean Costex with a new prime minister.One who deals with social problem, environmental problem and production problem“.


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