The way you wash the dishes depends on how many germs you ingest: don’t put yourself and your loved ones at risk, and ask for a cover immediately.
Cleaning Sponge – ifood (source Pixabay)

Do you actually wash dishes properly? To eliminate bacteria you have to use some tricks, and we tell you what they are.

washing dishes a to hand in It differs from doing it with dishwasher, Because this by using boiling water enables it to be disinfected by eliminating bacteria and germs. Very high temperatures that we certainly could not stand on our hands.

But even hand washing can have the same effect if you follow some careful guidelines that we are going to tell you.

After what we went through with the pandemic and the virus, when we learned the importance of Cleansing To eliminate germs and viruses, today we are much more than that Take care For deep cleaning.

Thus, even when washing dishes and utensils, care must be taken to remove all the germs lurking there. like?

Eliminate germs

Do you know about sponge What do you use to wash dishes to hide millions of germs and bacteria? According to some studies, in one cubic centimeter we find as many of those bacteria as are equivalent to seven times world population. Do you really want to know? Such a microbial density appears to be present only in I did. Ridiculous, but what appears to be the cleanest thing in the house because it frequently comes into contact with soap and water is actually among the dirtiest things.

How is that? Simply put, it absorbs germs from food debris it comes in contact with. So what is the solution? It is clear that we cannot change it with every wash.

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Better to use an ifood brush (source Pexels)

Correct use of sponge for dishes

The first thing that comes to mind is disinfection Sponge after each use. In fact, it won’t do any good because so will the harmful bacteria more resistant And return in superior style to the discarded surface. The solution is to use an alternative to a sponge, which is a brush To wash dishes. According to a study, in fact, the fact that the brush dries faster, harmful bacteria die. On the other hand, sponges tend to stay put wet.

On top of that, the fact that the brush has a handle prevents our hands from coming into contact with potentially harmful bacteria. Possibly because there is good news, bacteria are on sponges They are not dangerous, in general. What if we don’t like using the brush? It is hard to change our habits. The only solution after that would be to change the sponge we use to wash dishes and dishes mostly. At least every 2-3 weeks maximum.


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