Amazon will adopt measures to prevent data theft from its offices

Mexico City. – To ensure the safety of its customers, Amazon announced that it may use software that monitors staff keyboard and mouse usage to prevent plagiarism by its customer service team, and Internet criminals.

The tech company considered implementing software that records and monitors keystrokes and mouse movements of customer service workers, as reflected in an internal document that Motherboard had access to.

This document includes the potential use of software to detect employee impersonation and unauthorized access to user data, either because the employee is selling their credentials to a hacker or because the session has been left open on their computer. I shut it down in telecommuting context.

The software in question will create a worker profile based on how they type, move and click the mouse, rather than recording what employees type. The profile will be used to compare and identify strange activities on a particular account.

The above media indicates that the company has considered resorting to the BehavioSec software. As can be read on its website, it uses behavioral biometrics “to authenticate people according to the way they digitally interact with their devices and apps, such as mouse movements, typing rhythm, touch and swipe gestures, or how they hold their devices.”

They also guarantee it “Although behavioral biometrics profiles are unique to each end user, it is not possible to use behavioral biometrics profiles to identify sensitive information about a person such as age, race, gender, or other personally identifiable information.”


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