The atmosphere is good on Netflix. In an update to its cultural guidelines, the streaming giant is calling on its employees to decide if they disapprove of the content on the platform.

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As you know, Netflix is ​​going through a tough time. In April 2022, the streaming platform presented its audience results for the first quarter of 2022. It was a surprise hit, with a sudden loss of 200,000 subscribers, the world’s first number one in ten years.

Indeed, it’s time for change and questioning at Netflix. First, the company plans to crack down on account sharing, a practice that has been condoned by Netflix and its competitors until now. Then, and this is a small revolution, Netflix plans to launch a subscription with ads from the end of 2022. And here again, this is the first time, Netflix has always bragged that it never imposes ads on its users.

As you can imagine, the mood is far from great inside the platform at the moment. This is the least we can say. As our colleagues from the Wall Street Journal revealed, Netflix just updated its cultural guidelines. The platform took the opportunity to add a new section called “Artistic Expression”. It details in particular how the company intends to offer A variety of programs for its many audiences.

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Netflix invites its employees to take the door in case of disagreement

We let viewers decide what’s right for them, rather than asking Netflix to censor specific sounds or artists.” Netflix explains. She adds that it will support diversity in the stories that are told, “Even if we find certain titles that conflict with our personal values.” The platform concluded:Depending on your role, you may need to work on addresses that you consider malicious. If you’re struggling to maintain the breadth of our content, Netflix may not be the place for you.”

This has the advantage of being clear. For Netflix, it was necessary to provide these details about their internal policy so that employees can “Make informed decisions about whether Netflix is ​​the right company for them.” Anyway, Netflix’s stance is surprising. While the platform seems to want to leave all the power to the viewers, The streaming service has once again caused controversy by removing series that audiences appreciate. The excellent funny series, imagined by the creator of Dix pour Cent, was discontinued after only one season, much to the chagrin of users.

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source : The Wall Street Journal


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