Die neue Spielerin Diana Stefan mit einem Handball in der Hand.

ESV 1927 Regensburg gets reinforcements on the right wing: Diana Stefan left-handed joins the basement ladies.

The second division that promoted ESV 1927 got a new addition: 25-year-old Diana Stefan will support the basement ladies as the new wing. Her partner’s job brought her to the gates of Regensburg. When she moved, Stefan was particularly attracted by the opportunity to play in a higher category once again at Bavaria’s leading club in women’s handball.

Already won 3 championship titles

The left-hander took her first steps in handball at LPS Banatul Timisoara Sports School. At the age of fifteen, she left her hometown and moved to the elite center of CNE Ramnicu Valcea in Romania. There she won three national championship titles and was named to the youth national team of her country.

“Excellent coach player”

After two and a half years, she returned to her homeland with a knee injury and played for the CSS Timisoara team in the second division. Then the birth of her daughter Risa caused a break from handball, which now ended the aspiring athlete.

Coach Csaba Szücs is pleased to be a replacement for the regular Nicole Schiegerl on the right wing: “Despite the years-long handball break, it was already noted in the first practice session that Diana is an excellently trained player with many throwing variants.”

Hopes for the early premiere

Stefan hopes that she will soon be able to play her first match in the second highest German league: “I am happy that I can play performance-oriented handball here in Regensburg and will do everything in my power to integrate myself personally and of course athletically as soon as possible.” The first use is planned. For the home match on Saturday, 27 November, against HSV Solingen-Gräfrath 76. She will support her team with jersey number 71.

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ESV 1927 Regensburg / RNRed


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