German elections and parliament renewal in September: Far-left parties left out, but neo-Nazi and xenophobic parties emerge

On September 26 60 million Germans They will vote for Parliament renewal. 87 associations have requested to be recognized as parties and are running for the 20th legislature, 23 more than in 2017. But the Parliamentary Electoral Commission has accepted 44, in addition to the nine parties already in Parliament, i.e. CduAnd the Csu (the Bavarian branch of the CDU), SpdAnd the the leftAnd the Alliance 90 / The GreensAnd the FdpAnd the AfD ed me free voter (in Bavaria and Brandenburg). but if Pro-communist and anarchist formations Among those excluded by the commission, and among those accepted in the electoral race, there are several parties that are considered affiliated with it Neo-Nazi movements and xenophobia.

For example, The third way, 650 registered members, which Verfassungschutz’s national security services referred to in a 2020 report as “a gathering area for People from the neo-Nazi milieu And partly also members Prohibited organizations“. Michaela EngelmayrThe Secretary General of the German-Israeli Association wrote a touching tweet: “A little confession anti-semitic party حزب Far right in the national elections! are you serious? “. Karsten Schneider, Leader of the Parliamentary Fracture Group of Spd“The neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and revisionist party should not find space on any ballot paper,” he said. Doctor Pajamas Hon, Acting DirectorParliamentary Research Institute From BerlinA ., whose field of study also focuses on populism, comments Choice with greater separation, the highlight of it 5% barrier “I think it will have no summoning effect. Given the specter of small parties showing and voting, these parties will have little importance in the formation of the next parliament and in the formation of the government.”

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But the green light they discussed does not end there. An icon will also appear on the cards German National Democratic Party, which has 4,000 members and has twice tried, in vain, to declare lawlessness, and Thuringian Home PartyA group of ت alternative to Germany (Afd) that will be able to obtain consensus in a concurrent consultation for Landtag renewal. However, among the acronyms on the far right, representatives (Republicans) and the Saxon People’s Party. refused again too German social traditions which had already rejected the appeal to the Constitutional Court in 2017.

On the other hand, on the other political side, the German Communist Party. The Dkp It has existed since 1968 but has not submitted reports within the six-year deadline. also refusedGerman anarchist Pogo Party, not because of the “Job M…A” slogan, but because he applied by email rather than by mail. The expulsion will be able to appeal within four days to Constitutional Court. Communist Party, through the mouth of the president Patrick KopelHe has already announced that he will try. world of politics Pajamas Hon However, he said, “The DPRK experienced its best moments as a specialized communist party with the support of Drthat disappeared a long time ago.”

Exam committee headed by Dr. George Tell, a 64-year-old lawman who also heads the National Statistical Office, does not apply political criteria but only assesses formal compliance with statistic law Legal requirementsSubmission of the application within the deadline, unambiguous presentation, permanent establishment with the program, submission of reports, minimum adhesions (reduced by a quarter of the pandemic), signature of the application by at least three members of the Presidency Council above all serious desire to Contribute to the formation of the popular will. After determining the 53 parties that will be able to contest the elections, the lists must be submitted by July 19 to state committees that will decide by July 30. Among their burdens is also the avoidance of confusion on the ballot papers as in the case of the two rival parties with nearly identical names, WIR2020 and Wir 2020, born initially as a single movement and with tendencies that fought each other in at least three instances in court.

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Running will actually only focus on traditional parties Opinion polls have scheduled Forsa on July 7th. Victory over CDU / CSU With 30% of the vote, although the Green Party grew sharply but at a distance, by 19%. Then Spd 15%, Fdp 11%, Afd, 10% and Linke 7%. You can make it there too South Schleswig Association of Voters (Ssw) which gives sound to a file Danish minority in the Sudschleswig region. It has not entered the Bundestag for 60 years, but is not subject to the 5% quota for linguistic minority representation. It only has 3600 members, but can muster up to 50,000 voters from it Frisian origin and the leaders Stephen Seidler Direct authorization can be obtained.

However, there are still many unknowns: filtering Hans George Main In the CDU listings in Thuringia (He was forced to leave the Verfassungschutz leadership of his post) A problem has already arisen for the party, while Annala Barbuk He had to run for the cover with his publisher for some quotes from his e Olaf Schulz Accused of using ministry staff to write the program.


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