California fire, 6000 evacuated. Flames threaten Yosemite Park-
From Claudio Del Frit

For the Forest Service, this is the worst event of the year and one of the worst in recent decades. Fires also broke out in Greece, where 500 people had to flee their homes

More than 6000 people received orders Evacuated their homes due to a massive fire That destroyed California’s forests for at least three days. The huge fire broke out in Mariposa County It seriously threatens the protected area in Yosemite ParkOne of the biggest and most amazing games in the United States.

The fire-affected area is now covered 25 square kilometers And it expands rapidly on Saturday. The eviction order arrived on Saturday afternoon: approx. 2000 homes without electricity. The fire was ignited by strong winds and above all by the exceptional drought that hit this year (the third in a row) all of california.

They were also destroyed in these hours Secular redwood but also dozens of buildings and commercial buildings. This is the worst fire of the year and One of the most devastating decades of recent decades said Daniel Patterson, a spokesperson for the Sierra Nevada Fire Service. In recent days, the Forest Service has been forced to Some entrances are closed to visitors Yosemite Park.

Jul 24, 2022 (change on Jul 24, 2022 | 01:03)


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