'It's an invasion of privacy,' embarrassing William Altag's video

The Prince William He would like to defend his family from the interference of the paparazzi, and to ensure that his children live as normal a life as possible, taking into account the painful experiences with the media that he lives Mrs. Diana. The videowhich went viral, criticizing Prince Paparazzo who is probably too intrusive, can be interpreted as destructive style fall For the future King of England, but also as a clear need for an everyday life far from the flashes that, however, not all media and subjects would be willing to put up with.

‘ruin’ day

A video no one should be watching of Prince William showing his picture side More impulsive, released via YouTube on June 27. This footage, dating back to January 2021, will see the Dukes of Cambridge and their children surrounded by flashes during a period of Walk By bike near Anmer Hall. William was apparently upset at the insistence of a photographer and the constant shots of his children, that he would shout in the man’s direction: “You’re here looking for us.” Then you get involved Kate Middleton Who, while remaining outside the frame, would have said: “We went out for a bike ride with our kids, we saw you near the house.” The prince would have resumed: “How dare you act like this with our kids? How dare you? Follow us looking for us and our kids? I went on a fun bike ride with my kids on Saturday and I don’t even know your name. You’re obscene, disgusting, you really…why are you here?” And finally: “Thanks for ruining our day. Now I thought you guys learned.” The video was immediately removed, but the controversy is getting hotter by the day.

Agreement with the media

Only on June 27, 2022, the day it was uploaded to the online platform, the video got more than 200 thousand viewsaround the world. According to Prince William, the photographer had violatedfamiliarity From his family, but the man, as I mentioneddoes not depend onHe claims he did nothing wrong and is on a public road. Kensington Palace, writes telegraphImmediately announce that those shots will be ‘Violation of the Cambridge family’s privacy’also because between the media and Royal family There will be a very specific agreement: paparazzi and tabloids are free to photograph and photograph the Queen and her family during official events, but they must stay away from them in moments of family life. Confidentiality and backup are the passwords in the life of Windsor. This desire for a normal life that even Prince William expects for his children is perhaps not an illusion.

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The boundary between public and private life

Is there a line between the public and private life of the royal family? This is the eternal dilemma that sooner or later all members of the royal family will face. Perhaps the fiercest struggle with the media had to be fought, a real battle without a quarter Mrs. Diana, with disastrous results. The Duke of Cambridge can’t help but remember his mother’s problematic relationship with the paparazzi. It is not excluded that the desire to protect her family is affected by the memory of the suffering of the Princess of Wales. According to photographer Arthur Edwards in documentary “Diana: The Last Days of the Princess” Prince William had advised his mother to leaveEngland. Edwards said that in the tragic summer of 1997, the Princess was able to obtain permission to take young William and Harry on a yacht. Dodi Al Fayed:“[Diana e i figli] They swam a lot together… Have fun… One day I remember raising my camera to take a picture [a Diana] She said: “No pictures.” She came and asked us: “Why are you here?” Photographers may reply: “Because you are here, madam.” At that point, Diana would have responded: “William told me I should leave England and go and live somewhere else.” Edwards added: “She seemed upset about something.” Biographer Andrew Morton added: William said the south of France was the worst week of his life.

William’s diplomacy (without discounts)

With the media, Prince William has always been less reckless and more diplomatic than his brother HarryBut when he had the chance, he always said what he thought. For example in relation to the BBC interview given by Mrs. Diana in 1995: “The BBC…contributed to fear, paranoia in the last years of my mother’s life…My mother was betrayed not only by a rogue journalist, but by BBC chiefs who turned their heads instead of asking uncomfortable questions.” William said this words After Lord Dyson’s investigation into how journalist Martin Bashir obtained the interview, in 2018 The Duke of Cambridge He also commented on the power of social media to spread the news, as The Telegraph still remembers: “I am deeply concerned that in every challenge we face, fake news, extremism, polarization, verbal hate, trolls, mental health, privacy, and bullying, our tech leaders seem unprepared. Their image is so rooted in their positive power that they seem unable to cope. with a discussion of the social problems they create.” In this regard, The Telegraph notes that although the press is more respectful of the boundaries regarding the privacy of the royal family, social media is more difficult to control.

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Trip during lockdown?

Part of the British press claims that the video clip in which William got angry at a photographer was not removed solely for reasons of aggregatebut also because he was taking the Cambridge brothers out of their possessions during a time restrictions due to the epidemic. However, tabloids also noted that the dukes and their children were very close to their property, in a park where no one was there. In fact, Johnson’s government announced a Close On January 4, 2021 (which became effective the next day), but among the rules to avoid infection was Possibility To exercise with family members once a day near their home. So, in theory at least, William, Kate, and their children weren’t violating the restrictions.

Irascubel William

Closing case has taken a back seat to behavior Prince William in the movie. We’re so used to seeing him always smiling, sociable, and so flawless (and the same goes for Kate Middleton) that a possible blowout is a far-fetched hypothesis. In short, what is surprising is agitation Duke. in Personal Biography Robert Jobson, the expert “William at 40. The Making of a Modern King,” wrote of him: “sometimes [William] He’s prone to tantrums that only Kate can satisfy.” Not only: “Both he and Harry have extreme mood swings, just like Diana. They can become your best friend, but after a moment they can turn into your worst enemy.” The Duke of Cambridge is said to be working on the angrier side of his personality. apparently, Kensington Palace He allegedly removed the “offensive” video as well so as not to show the world the less inappropriate part of the Duke, and thus continues to suggest the story of the perfect man, about the future king who is always kind and approachable. The strategy will also be understandable, but it has some drawbacks.

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Right to privacy (and anger when necessary)

For some, ownership will not have the right to a private space, let alone to show their feelings. Losing control is almost a taboo. So sometimes unforgivable. there Queen ElizabethFor example, she learned very well to hide her feelings. But perhaps times have changed and some small concessions could be granted, especially now that the monarchy has slowly moved into the future. Members of the royal family must maintain a certain image, and dignity and class are key. However, some tolerance and compromise can be accepted between inaccessibility and accessibility to members of the royal family. Members of royal families are, first of all, human beings with strengths and weaknesses: even impatience, always staying within the bounds of decency, can bring them closer to people. L ‘deficiency – defect which reveals their humanity. Moreover, the issue of privacy cannot be underestimated. Members of the royal family have a job, a public profession, but also a private life that must be respected. If there is no rule that helps to understand the boundary between the two, it is necessary to use common sense, tact and kindness. Probably William He exaggerated his ways, but his need for intimacy is natural and understandable, as is the ever-living memory of Lady Diana’s suffering.


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