Jeff Machado, actor found dead in a box buried in a park in Rio de Janeiro –

remains of a corpseActor and journalist Jeff Machado44, found Monday 22 May: they were inside a box that belonged to the actor, Buried and cemented two meters underground, in the garden of a house in Campo Grande, in Rio de Janeiro, the area where the man lives. body was Sew around the neck The arms were tied above the head. He may have been strangled. The detectives work to discover the identity of the killer (or killers) and other details of the crime. Meanwhile the first rumors are leaking: The prime suspect in the Bruno Larubbia crimeMachado’s boyfriend, now on the run. Days after the actor disappeared, he allegedly tried to sell the victim’s possessions, including a car and house, and told Machado’s family that it was a request from Jeff himself. statement to him immediately suspecious Actor’s family.

Jeff Machado, born in July 1979 in Ararangoa, Brazil, was a… soap actorAnd Journalist and businessman. Success as an actor came thanks to the telenovela “Reis” on RecordTv. In 1997, the actor moved to Rio de Janeiro to start working on high-end productions. Only in 2008 Machado returned to his home state, to the capital, Florianapolis, where he began working as a journalist, radically changing his profession. Finally, in 2014 he returned to Rio where he worked again between 2021 and 2022 in the telenovela Reis. This was reported by Jeff Machado’s family Disappearance on January 27th. The artist was very fond of animals, and many of them became suspicious of him eight dogsHe has been seen wandering alone in the streets near his home, breaking in on a regular basis. Never before.

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A few days later, the actor’s mother, María das Doris Machado, received some of it Messages From Jeff on Whatsapp, but she got confused because they were weird and They do not appear to have been written by the son. On February 7, the actor’s family members discovered that his phone’s cloud service password had been changed and GPS location was disabled. A friend of Machado’s stated that from the first moments the family thought so Larubia was responsible for the disappearance From their relative: They believe the man killed a family member during a business meeting at his home and then with his partner, Concealed body.


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