Double Draw, Products to Avoid - Libero Quotidiano

Two batches of swordfish loaf were pulled due to excessive mercury. However, at the time of the Sogegross report, a group engaged in wholesale distribution on a large scale, both lots had already expired for several days. One of the products in question is a swordfish loaf without freezing under the brand Alfrisa with lot number 423534 and expiration date 07/09/2021 Produced in Barcelona, ​​Spain, it is sold at Fishmongers Cash from 1 to 9 July.

The other is a swordfish loaf distributed by Gió Mare Srl with batch number 2118/023 and expiring 07/09/2021, sold in Cash Bologna from 2 to 9 July. Another recently recalled product is Batch of organic sesame seeds Under the Sarchio brand of The presence of ethylene oxide. The affected product is sold in bags of 180 grams with lot number 204431.

The Ministry of Health, then, also reported the withdrawal of a batch of Indo-Pacific shrimp tails, peeled and individually frozen Because according to the notice, it was possible to “re-brand the product by re-setting the expiration date after the original date”. The respective shrimp tails are distributed in packs of 10 kg, consisting of 20 packs of 500 gm, with batch number 062 and expiry date 04/05/2022.

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