Kohler, Ferrand, Leonardosi, Tenormandi, Emilion ... who are the

Portraits – As of 2017, Emmanuel Macron has surrounded himself with tight-fitting equipment to advance his re-election campaign.

They are the “men of the president”. The exit of the Sybeth Ndio from the close circle around Emmanuel Macron adds even more weight to the revelation. Even if he declares himself a candidate for a second time, as in 2017, the head of state wants to trust a tight-knit organization with a few believers. Le Figaro Draws a portrait of the five great artisans responsible for coming up with their champion in a month-long experiment that is now open. From then on they hope to win on April 10 and 24, 2022.

Alexis Kohler, Siamese

Alexis Kohler. Jean-Christophe Marmara / Le Picaro

This is a rare, almost unique case. Of all those who went with them from Percy until the election of Emmanuel Macron, only Alexis Kohler maintained the same function throughout his five-year term. The General Secretary of the Elysee, who transcends all, knows all, sees all, and controls all. Sometimes he was tempted to turn the page, to put an end to these days that start early in the morning and end late at night, often …

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