“We’ll pay the bill” but they disappear.  The club calls out

series of Restaurants The English Manjaros Bellingham, located in the North East of England, decided to launch an appeal on social media after what happened to one of the delivery men. The restaurant’s owners are trying to track down a couple who allegedly stole the food they ordered by taunting one of their employees, who, after the order is delivered, will never see dishonest customers again.

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the story

Bellingham is a fairly quiet place: the classic ‘nothing ever happens’ place.

Precisely for this reason, the townspeople were somewhat surprised when they learned of the food theft. According to what the owners of the Manjaros restaurant told local media, a couple ordered dinner and told the delivery guy that they would return to the restaurant to settle the bill. However, although the two appeared to be reliable, no one has seen them since.

So the restaurant launched a Facebook call: “Does anyone know this amazing couple? They ordered a takeaway from our restaurant in Bellingham, met the delivery guy to collect the food, took it inside and said they would be back to pay, even though the guy repeatedly tried to ask them for money. Nobody saw them again. If you know of these drawbacks, let us know: There’s a bill to pay.

Social users reaction

Despite the upset caused by the episode in the restaurant, on social media, under the appeal launched by Manjaros, users reacted by trying to find the positive side, or rather the one that, at least, was forcibly advertised for the restaurant. However, others vow to try to find the cheating couple.

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