Is Jean-Pascal Lacoste already involved in homosexuality?  We have the answer!

As Jean-Pascal Lacoste passes in L’Instant Deluxe we must believe that these are not non-existent expressions. Touch actually talked about other things about the complicated relationship he had with Sylvie Tellier, the columnist who was not in my post. Under no circumstances did she stop sending him an invitation to his wedding with the dolphin. He too returned to this period of betrayal by friends. Without even touching him a word, they would have taken him to a gay nightclub, and the details were crisp.

Unexpected manifestations

Jean-Pascal Lacoste would have been dug up by a very attractive young woman. This led to him telling his friends that he was paying for the tour. It was only when she saw the resulting public laughter that she realized she was actually a transgender. Forty thus believed he had developed a face for two weeks But above all, it is not serious. He had gay friends, in which he had no problem.

If you are wondering about the origin of this discussion, find out if Jordan Deluxe asked Jean-Pascal Lagost if he had any contact with a man. To which he replied that he was very metrosexual. In other words, he wanted to go without creams in the evening and in the sun. However, he was adamant in his gender.

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