It is an all-out confrontation with Europe.  Italy has a lot to lose

war. Diplomat now. But it is destined to become economic, only at a time when Europe will need everything, except for obstacles on the road to recovery.

The rupture between the European Union and Russia, which is being punished today by a European Parliament resolution and the immediate response from the Kremlin, which declared President David Sassoli and seven other senior officials persona non grata, not only represent the lowest point in cold bilateral relations. The war but also a political turning point. In fact, the end of Merkel’s reign brought with it a primitive and myopic outlook.

Possibly suicidal. Because the press clearly affirmed Moscow’s move and immediate bipartisan solidarity with the leaders of the European Union with great emphasis, save for forgetting to do one’s duty. This is to explain the real reason for Russia’s severe reaction.

The resolution passed to the European Parliament by 569 votes to 67 against, and in fact appears to have been compiled by the US State Department, at least in the surgical nature of the operations.

Disguised as a human rights defense in the Navalny case and Ukraine’s territorial integrity, after the mass exercises of the Russian army that ended a few days ago, the proposal that went to the vote actually includes threats of unprecedented retaliation.

In the event that the aggression against Kiev continues, in fact, The European Union should immediately prohibit the import of oil and gas from Russia, freeze all the assets of the oligarchy associated with the Kremlin and their families, cancel their visas and exclude Moscow from the international payment system SWIFT.. The last act that Russian officials described in recent days declaration of war, In the event that it is done or made official.

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But this is not enough. Sanctions will also affect the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that connects Russia directly to Germany, bypassing Ukraine.On completion, Europe will be required to veto it, only now that it has lost its last 100 kilometers at the end of the works. Finally, he stopped cooperating with Rosatom on projects related to nuclear power plants. Coincidentally, one of Mike Pompeo’s top priorities was when he headed the State Department, and he immediately put his successor, Tony Blinken, on the agenda, along with Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The American pressure must have become irresistible in recent weeks, since only last August a delegation from the European Union has in fact rejected the new US sanctions against people who cooperated with Gazprom on the project. Among other things, German company Uniper, Austrian OMV, Wintershall Dea of ​​BASF, Anglo-Dutch oil company Shell and French company Engie.

Indeed, the near total absence of opposition at the European level to such a meaningful and harsh decision clearly shows how Merkel’s line in protecting Germany and the European Union’s energy interests swept the possibility of a legislative vote on 26 September in Germany. . On the other hand, the United States did not forgive the chancellor for its decision to accelerate the signing of the trade memorandum with China to the maximum extent in the last days of the German presidency at the end of last year. Today, the revenge appears to be complete.

In light of a similar regime to sanction the threat, it seems absurd to be scandalized by the clarity of the response from the Kremlin. Especially since then, looking at the olive branch just extended by Joe Biden toward Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, Europe appears paradoxically engaged as a dirty agent for third parties. In fact, what does the Ukrainian regional issue have to do with it, and more than that, it seems difficult to explain Andrei Navalny’s story with the completion of North Stream 2, at least while avoiding resort to bad faith. The timingIt, then, betrays an underground action that has continued for weeks since the new American administration came to power.

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But there are two startling realities, far from European geopolitical interests and energy. First, Having put on paper the option to exclude Russia from the SWIFT payment system, In fact, there is a kind of financial trap that appears to herald an attack on the ruble and Moscow’s commitment to making its extreme choice, spreading vast gold reserves as collateral for the currency.

A very dangerous step in terms of geographical financial balances, especially in the era of cryptocurrencies and the digital yuan, which is now ready for medium-sized operational emergence in mainland China.

The new and old safe haven assets, gold and cryptocurrencies, both arch enemies of the role of the standard dollar, had to come out prematurely: a strategy so subtle and high that it would exclude its emergence in the European Parliament. But it could potentially be explosive. In Brims Towards neighboring countries.

The second undesirable effect, which is to look more at our home garden, comes from data processed by Luiss provided by ICE (Institute of Foreign Trade), on the basis of which Italy closed – albeit down by 3.2% – in 2019 confirming its position as the fifth supplier to the Russian FederationAfter China (-1.8%), Germany (-2.6%), the United States (-6.9%), Belarus (-7.3%). Trade that year was equal to 22.5 billion euros, with sales to the Union equal to 9.7 billion euros on an annual basis, as our exports recorded an annual increase of 8.5% compared to 2018, according to Francesco Pensabini, Director of ICE in Moscow.

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At the sectoral level and with reference to the first five months of 2019 (pre-Covid), Mechanics was confirmed as the first sector of Made in Italy in Russia with a share of 40.1% of the total, equivalent to 1.3 billion euros, while the best performance was recorded in the period. Under review by the so-called Home system, Up 12.3%. Not forgetting the chemistry, medicine, fashion, food and beverages, common metals, and transportation.

The second net lockdown wave hit German GDP hard in the first quarter, to the point that it dragged the entire Eurozone into a double-dip recession zone, as the chart shows, it was really worth unleashing a preemptive diplomatic war with them. Ringtones against a high-powered business partner and energy?

Fonte: Financial Times

It is difficult not to see a purely political and ideological trend behind the European Parliament’s choice to meet the challenge towards Moscow, especially in light of the position of Carrot and stick Washington chose it instead. Sometimes, if one wants to appear more real than a king, he runs the risk of being mocked. Or, you are in a more serious problem than you can handle.

One thing is for sure: Italian information does not provide a good service for the citizens, whoever talks about it Russian retaliation for the Navalny case. Behind there are many, many more. And away from European interests That wave.


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