It seems to be in Monte Carlo but we are in our country, can you tell me where?

No one will say that we are in our country, because, in fact, this wonderful place is very similar to Monte Carlo. This is where it is.

This place looks very nice Monte Carlo. Rather, it is in our country and is really accessible.

Summer vacation for Italians

It is sometimes thought interesting to visit places beyond the Italian borders. Indeed, there is Many Italian sites Which has nothing to envy to those on the outside.

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At this time of year, for that matter, many people have already made plans and booked their own summer holidays Some may be packing their bags.

On the other hand, this year, The temperatures rose Very soon in almost all regions of Italy, from north to south.

if this Mostly summer weather He can do nothing but entice you to rest more and enjoy your relaxing days.

Of course, unfortunately, even if it was health crisis We left him behind, for now, mostly himeconomic inflation.

Thus, this situation of economic scarcity may lead to the decision to stay home or be absent for only a week or a few days.

However, according to the latest forecasts, apparently, no Decreased purchasing power He restrains Italian families.

In particular, according to the survey conducted by the Observatory of Tourism confrontationthey should be approx 30 million Italians Who will take off some fancy while Summer 2023.

Moreover, as often happens, it seems that women are still on the podium coastal locations.

Therefore, therefore, the Art City It will probably be chosen by you 15% From Bel Paese, W.L.L mountain resort from11%.


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Remaining within the Italian borders, therefore, apparently, the Sardiniathe Sicily and the Liguria.

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Alternatively, those who decide to leave Italy can, for example, head to Spain, at Francein Greecein AustriaIn the United kingdom.

The Italian resort is similar to Monte Carlo

L’Italyyou know, it really is A combination of beauty and qualityboth in terms of landscape and gastronomy.

A place similar to Monte Carlo in our country

Place similar to Montecarlo in our country (Facebook) –

That’s why, when you decide to Pack your bags for the holidaysBefore looking elsewhere, one should consider the many wonderful places in Italy.

In particular, in the following lines we would like to touch on a place in our country, which, in fact, has nothing to envy, for example, not even the beautiful Monte Carlo.

In fact, if you want to look, this charming place is very similar to the famous areas near City-state of the Principality of Monaco.

We refer specifically to Portorosa. In short, if you want to stay in Italy, this is the place to choose.

In particular, it is a file Tourist complex Really mind blowing, surrounded nature It is characterized by Beautiful villas Overlooking the canals and the marina.

to be precise, Portorosa falls between Milazzo Gulf and the Tyndares Bay. However, it is considered to be so The largest tourist center in Sicily And even the most unique ones are in the Mediterranean.

This beautiful structure, in this case, was designed some time ago by Julius MinolettiAn enterprising architect of Lombard descent.

MinolitySo, I decided to plan this tourist center, inspired by Port Grimaud It is, for starters, a pleasant seaside village on the French Riviera.

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Finally, the land on which this great structure was built was, in the past, a shelter Vineyards and citrus fields.

In short, it is a truly picturesque place, similar to Monte Carlo, that is located in our country and is well worth a visit.


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