GTA VI: game release still postponed?  Players are already in PLS

Released in September 2013 on consoles, GTA V game He is clearly not even close to having the right to a successor. When players logically begin to circle this world, despite regular updates, recent rumors indicate this GTA VI It may not land for several more years.

GTA 6 postponed again?

In response to a question from a netizen on Twitter, “Do you still expect to see a GTA 6 release around 2023, as you thought last year?“Jason Schreyer, the famous American journalist in the world of video games, replied with sadness,”Expect everything to come out much later than you thought, blame Covid“.

A pessimistic statement (today some put forward the date 2025), and this is not surprising. And with good reason, other netizens recently noted, Rockstar has posted very special ads on its site in order to recruit new people to work on a mysterious game. However, if to this day the studio still had a need for new talents, it was clear that the production did not have to advance at the speed hoped for.

However, there are still two reasons that give us hope for a less significant delay. 1) Jason Schreier mysteriously deleted his post in the face of the uproar. Would he have been blamed by Rockstar? 2) Among the jobs that the studio offers, one is associated with the team responsible for working on the trailers. In other words, it is not impossible that the first images of the game – which could introduce us to the new world and the characters to come – were revealed within a few months.

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