Other than the scratch cards, find this old fan from your grandmother: it’s worth €5,000

Did you know that an old grandmother’s fan can be worth up to 5,000 euros? Here is why.

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If one thinks of dated objects of great economic value, the first thought undoubtedly goes to coins or stamps. There are indeed many things which, once the years are ripe, acquire great economic value. The old fan is proof of this, its economical value can reach 5,000 euros. Let’s see why.

The value of time on old things

Many of us have little treasures at home and in most cases we are completely unaware of them. Starting with coins, some of which have Much higher value than stated, whether for rarity or coin error. Any of us can handle a 1 euro coin that can be worth a hundred at least once in our life.

If we consider how many memories and old things are piled up in basements, attics and garages, The chances of owning a treasure without knowing it increase.

The value of old items
The value of old things – imilanesi.nanopress.it

In fact, there are many elements that, over time, They gain value rather than lose it. So we’re talking board games, comics, and even grandma’s old fan. A being with so many years of experience that one would never believe it could have value other than sentimental value. The very thing that provided comfort to our grandmothers for many years can be a small fortune. So before cleaning out basements and attics, It would be nice to check if grandma’s old fan is worth more than you think.

Fans have been used since ancient times to cool off during hot and humid days. It is believed that The first fans were made from tree leaves or bird feathersbut there is no exact date of their invention.

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However, there is a lot of evidence for this Fans have been used since ancient EgyptWhere it was made of palm leaves or feathers. However, in China, fans were made of silk and jade and were used to cool off and as a symbol of social status.

The old grandmother’s fan has a value of 5,000 euros

In Europe, fans became popular starting in the 15th century They were used as a means of calming and above all as a fashion accessory. Over the following centuries, so did the fans Made in a large variety of materialsIncluding ivory, mother-of-pearl, wood and paper.

European fans in the 15th century often consisted of a carved wood or bone frame, and paper or silk papers adhered to the frame. these They were usually decorated with paintings or inlaysand often had handles in the shape of animals or human figures.

Fan date
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Fairly large as it is often used by several people at the same time to cool off on hot days, Some fans may be large enough to cover the entire face of the person using them. Moreover, fans widespread in Europe in the 15th century were often considered objects of luxury and prestige and were used as signs of social status. They were often given as precious gifts and decorated with ornaments of great artistic value.

An interesting feature is that, as was usual for common things, The fans themselves were often passed down from generation to generation.

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Precisely for this reason, it is essential that you understand, if you have a fan, in what year they date. In fact, there are 18th century lovers on sale on eBay for 500 euros. For those who lived in the Victorian era in mother-of-pearl, the cost can easily reach €5,000.

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There are obviously many characteristics to consider, from the state of wear to the materials used, but you may have inherited a truly unique piece without even knowing it.


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