Windows 11 Update: KB5013943 Doesn't Resolve Application Problems

Patchday Im Mai

May patch day for Windows 11 has been announced. Patch KB5013943 is coming via Windows Update, which should fix problems with apps. Microsoft omitted the point.


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What does the current Windows 11 update bring?
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In the debug logs for the Windows 11 patch KB5013943, Microsoft included security updates and bug fixes for Safe Mode as well as another fix from yesterday: application problems with the .Net 3.5 framework. The group has now deleted this point. Users are increasingly reporting constant difficulties when they want to start a matching app. Among other things, an error code is now circulating: 0x0000135. In some places, this should be resolved if the software package is from Microsoft manually installed May become. But there is no guarantee.

Original report from May 11, 2022

Windows 11 users have received the KB5013943 patch since the evening of the second Tuesday in May, which has the build number 22000.675. The download comes automatically via Windows Update or obtained manually via the Windows Update Catalog. The contents of the latest optional patch are included, as well as solutions to errors that were previously caused by this download. In addition, there are usually security updates for Windows itself and Microsoft programs such as Office, Edge and Co.

Among the notable features of the KB5013943 patch for Windows 11 Microsoft Current security patches Improvements, such as bug fixes for apps that won’t start. Previously, .NET Framework 3.5 components were identified as the source of the error. If the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow (WWF) components are used, applications cannot be executed. Microsoft also mentions Safe Mode, which could have had flickering previously, but was fixed automatically – provided you installed the optional patch.

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Changes made to Windows 11 can be found in the search, among other things. This gets a new interface that integrates the so-called highlights via Bing. The optional update for Windows 11 at the end of May already included a bug fix that could significantly slow down Windows 11 startup or even trigger a blue screen. Video titles for cut videos can also be viewed, which are now archives with mandatory update at the latest. If desired, the update can be delayed for a few weeks.

Reading tips: Windows 10 – KB5013942 patch coming in May

A new entry has been added to the known bug in patch KB5013943 for Windows 11. Applications that use the graphics card may crash or cause other problems with Direct3D 9. The zu debug logs KB5013943 It can be found at Microsoft. to download via Catalog update Come via the last text link.

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