Warzone Pacific's invisible skin issue is back a few days after it was fixed

Warzone Pacific players discovered another invisible skin issue on Operator Wraith a few days after Raven Software’s invisible skin error “wake up”.

Last week, Warzone Pacific players breathed a sigh of relief after Raven Software announced that it had finally fixed the dreaded Agent Frances “wake” hiding issue. This bug caused a lot of problems in Caldera and Rebirth Island, and many players viewed it as a “pay-to-win” flogging.

However, despite the January 5 patch update, the problematic issue appears to have reverted to a different guise.

Warzone invisible skin bug belongs to minion Wraith

On January 9, a Reddit user shared his experience with another unseen skin bug he encountered while playing Quads on Caldera. Another invisible skin? [It] It happened last night, I don’t know if that’s on my side what,” they said.

The fearsome hidden skin bug is back in Warzone Pacific with the appearance of the Wraith Operator. (Photo: Reddit/andrewkbmx)

We can see the user peeking through his binoculars in the clip after hearing the footsteps of the enemy nearby. However, to their surprise, the player noticed the unusual sight of a floating head running across the field.

The clip shows that the operator’s torso, arms and legs were completely invisible due to the error. However, the player can still take down the enemy after shooting them though.

“At least not as bad as the passing of a single battle [skin] Redditor commented. “The same skin was invisible like this in a game I played. Another said.

The latest invisible skin glitch appears to be affecting the Wraith launcher
The latest invisible skin glitch appears to be affecting the Wraith launcher. (Photo: Activision)

Indeed, the latest glitch is similar to the “wake up” skin of Agent Francis’ buggy, this time only partially affecting Agent Wraith. In addition, the developers did not officially acknowledge the bug, most likely (or rather, hopefully) because the bug is not present everywhere in the game.

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While we agree that this issue isn’t as bad as it used to be, it’s still a concern since Raven Software released a patch to fix the invisible skin issue less than a week ago.

Furthermore, the previous “Awoke” issue took weeks off by Raven Software, which doesn’t inspire much confidence if more players encounter the bug in their matches.

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Image courtesy of Activision.


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