Detecting trauma with home cameras

a Man sleeping on the roof of a car wearing only underwear and socks. Discover trauma with security cameras Closed circuit for his home. A resident was shocked to discover a middle-aged man, apparently drunk, wearing only blue socks and underwear Black sleeping on the roof of a car in front of the house Norfolk in England.

Man in underwear sleeping on top of the car

A shocking discovery, discovered one morning mid August by a resident of Norfolk, England. During the night the man heard strange noises coming from outside the house. At first he was thinking about some mid-August celebrations, but decided to cover meNight pictures taken by cameras Closed circuit security system for his home.

At that point, the discovery that left him was speechless, as he revealed to The Sun, which broke the news. He recounted: “After hearing some commotion and seeing some shards of glass on the garden floor, the next morning I turned on the CCTV cameras to see what happened. And I ran to this man lying on top. The car that was sleeping.”

This is correct: A man who only wears shorts and socks He is resting on the roof of a gray car parked in front of the house like a regular mattress. Scene from a movie: When a Norfolk resident took to the street to check, there was no trace of the person. Who knows, do alcohol fumes have these effects, too?

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