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Find out if luck is on your side this week, and check the results that will be posted on social networks “predictions”. Don’t miss this opportunity and share this information with your friends. Like every Friday,National LotteryCelebrate the secondhighest feeIn April, thousands of participants are eagerly waiting to see if they are one of the winners of the various prizes present in Mexico.

If a piece is purchased, the prize will be 350,000,000 pesos, while those who have purchased a complete series of pieces can win up to 7,000,000 Mexican pesos. Everyone in Mexico knows that “Sorteo Superior” has a series ticket participation, and it takes place every Tuesday according to the “Lotería Nacional” lottery schedule.

Superior draw on 08/04 No. 2721

Superior Draw on 04/08 No. 2721. (National Lottery)

What is the date of the “Premium Draw”?

The Super Draw, like last week, will take place on Friday, April 8 at 8:00 p.m. on Mexican soil. Of course, the results may not be ready by then, so patience is required of all participants.

How to participate in the “Premium Raffle”?

If what you want is to try your luck by playing Sorteo Superior, we tell you that you can do so by purchasing a $30 lottery ticket. Also, if you want to run it for a whole series (20 pieces), it will cost $600. Remember that the prize you receive will depend on the ticket you purchased.

Excellent Draw: 04/08 results

Super Draw: Results 01/04

These were the results for 'Sorteo Superior' last Friday, April 1 (Photo: lotenal).
These were the results for ‘Sorteo Superior’ last Friday, April 1 (Photo: lotenal).

What do you do if you win the “Premium Lot”?

According to Mexican regulations, anyone who wins a prize from the National Lottery or from the prediction draws, among which the “Sorteo Superior” is, will have up to 60 days to claim their prize. Also, it is important to know that the winner will not receive the full amount of money because the tax authorities will deduct part of the amount by law.

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