Why is the shortage of garden dwarves hitting the UK

During various periods of detention, the British (like the French) began horticulture. They purchased garden furniture and accessories, including garden dwarves, but the offer did not follow. So it shrunk.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any dwarves in six months!” Ian Byrne, manager of a garden store, explains, Whatever its type – plastic, stone or ceramic, Confirms.

‘Supply problems’

The director of Highfield Garden World (West England) explained this BBC After prof ‘Massive increase’ Sales, his company was on its way to reaching suppliers in Europe and China to solve problems. Supply Problems.

For the CEO of the Garden Center Association, Iain Wylie, these concerns were caused by pressure on supply chains due to the epidemic as well as the blockage of the Suez Canal, where a 200,000-ton cargo ship stopped for six days.

Garden furniture and decorations – including garden statues – stuck into containers Confirms.

Ikea said in March that it had faced similar supply issues due to high demand and shipping issues.

The maritime data company, Lloyd’s List, said the blockade of the Suez Canal prevented shipments estimated at $ 9.6 billion (€ 8 billion) between Asia and Europe every day.


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