It is a meeting not like the others, on Monday, in the Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine. Regional elected officials vote on a large supplementary budget To counter, in particular, spending associated with health and economic crises, but also to ensure spending on railways and roads.

With amounting to approximately 500 million euross, this extra budget is a far cry from the traditional small year-end adjustments. In particular, it includes a 40% increase in investments by the regional authority.

Fund massive support for business and culture

It must be said that the region, like many local communities elsewhere, has provided great support to businesses and the cultural sector in recent months. A kind of parallel to government “at all costs”. In New Aquitaine, the area was compensated by France Relance’s national plan for a few dozen companies that, for various reasons, fell through the cracks and were not kept in the government support system.

Additional investment for transportation

till then, We must add investments in railways and roads From our territory, for example to modernize the TER limousine, or to develop the 141 and 147 National. Forecasted investments for a few months, which therefore come in addition to the 2021 budget but, here too, partially allow reviving economic activity.

To finance all this, the region will rely heavily on borrowing. In the face of the crisis compared to 2019, The loan amount has tripled in the past two yearsIt will reach 450 million euros for 2021.


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