Tras convertirse en accionista de Twitter, Elon Musk realiza encuesta por función de botón de edición

After becoming a shareholder in Twitterbillionaire and CEO of Tesla, Elon Muskasked the social network users if they wanted a button to edit the text of the tweets.

The bizarre survey of the businessman had two choices of “yes” and “no”, however, they were both poorly written to give the purpose of the survey.

Users give their opinion

In light of this, US political scientist Liz Wheeler commented that if this function were added, many viral tweets would be affected.

“This is my argument against the edit button: What if a tweet went viral, many tweets and millions of impressions, and then the author completely changed the meaning? Not just a grammatical reform, but an ideological shift?” Total? Self promotion?

For his part, Meta’s chief technology officer, Boz, said the feature had already been fixed by Facebook “a long time ago”.

“We fixed this on Facebook a long time ago. It just includes an editor cursor along with the changelog. If you’re really concerned about the inclusions, they can point to a specific revision on that date but with a link to the last edit. It’s not a real issue,” Bose said. “.

Thus, another user stated that if the button is added, the social network will lose the spirit of “No Return”.

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Friends! Forgive me for the intrusion, but isn’t the whole spirit of the tweet to be ‘no turning back’? You have a delete button. Be practical. Editing can easily turn into soft censorship. Stick to what you want to say or delete it.

Elon Musk, Twitter’s largest contributor

The full man accounted for 9.2 percent of Twitter According to the specialized media Bloomberg. According to the information, Musk bought the stake on March 14.

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Musk has long been one of Twitter’s most prominent users, and he recently polled more than 80 million followers about the platform’s commitment to freedom of expression.

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