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Lorenzo It’s not really called that, because it’s certain the people In the old-fashioned way, good deeds must be done BalaclavaLike the Robberies: You must not allow yourself to be discovered even by yourself Mirror. If you see someone walking around town with… Custom to hand in Fillings For poor people, you can be pretty sure it’s not Lorenzo. once upon a time They seek To inform him about it date For a girl who was kicked outeighth month Pregnancy after that a company He lost his job. It looks like a vague replica of Bethlehem And Lorenzo He quickly set his birth scene: he found a place to stay acceptable For the expelled, and a decent monthly salary for the expelled.

the day From this step boys They come down On the street with their belongings to take them to the new street Destination. They know that there is a waiting for them transportation carBut what they don’t know is that Lorenzo is behind the wheel of the truck. They thought he was one of those Benefactors Who simply sign Tests From their rituals bliss Without confusion with uncomfortable Which contributes significantly to mitigating its effects. Instead, for Lorenzo, doing philanthropy means doing good deeds very Furthermore it. It means putting ourselves out there Facenot in a picture above Some packaging, but literally. Face and everything. be there, invisible however Present. ready to To appearbut only for one Moment And only for those who have it Need.

then dayapprox. eve Christmas…(continues tomorrow).

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