Ukraine, explosions at the Crimean air base.  Moscow has a Russian military plane - video

Seeing a column of black smoke rising compactly into the sky and sparks of some explosions, those who were along the shores Crimea He immediately thought that Belbeek Military Airport had been attacked. A few kilometers from Sevastopol, after the 2014 annexation, it is used exclusively by the Russian Air Force. Moscow journalist Vladimir SolovyovHe is considered among the personalities closest to the president Russian President Vladimir Putin, a video clip on his Telegram channel showing an object falling to the ground and set on fire in low resolution. For Solovyov, it is “Bombing»Ukrainian. The emir of the region took care of the reporter’s exile, Mikhail Razvogayevwho recounted how “during landing the military plane was Rolled and caught fireWords taken up by the Russian Agency tax From the Moscow Patrol Novaya Gazeta. However, those eruptions are shown by other videos recorded from different locations. Ukraine Interfax Explains, in fact, that some bullet blasts. It remains to be seen if it was the cause of the fall or if it exploded after hitting the ground. Anyway, the Kyiv agency said that the pilot managed it run away And the fire was extinguished. Also, Belbek Airport No damage was done.

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