The United States will fight “humbly” to defend human rights –

Ever since Joe Biden made the protection of human rights one of his priorities, his representative to the United Nations in Geneva has been regularly meeting with journalists at the Human Rights Council. His message: After the Trump era, America is back, humbly.

Mark Kasser, head of the U.S. Mission to the UN in Geneva, said “humility is important because we realize that no country in the world has found a magic solution.” A certain authenticity colors his words. His accent is not typically American, but Vadodois, because he studied French before graduating with a master’s degree from the Institute des Hots Eduides International in Geneva.

“As with any country, it is important to recognize that we have our own challenges, problems and our history,” he added.

America preceded its history

America, precisely, is entangled in its history. The threat of “white extremism” embodied in the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill and the deadly police brutality against African Americans such as George Floyd have highlighted the country’s “legitimate racism” problem.

It did not escape the attention of Mama Sam’s enemies. Accused of cultural genocide and crimes against humanity against Uyghur minorities by some countries and voluntary organizations, China claims that the United States is massacring its black people.

Professional diplomat Mark Kasser knows that, it is no longer a question of playing the world’s guard. “With our open-minded approach, we can easily find our speaker’s attention and listening.”

Full Interview with Mark Kasser:

Interview with Mark Kasser, United States Mission Charging to the UN in Geneva / Video / 3 Minute News. / Yesterday at 16:43

The country that wants to be an example

The conversation included the intent: This week, the American Institute of Work and Higher International and Development Studies hosted a virtual conference on the theme of racism. One of the participants, Opel Domdy, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, said, “Foreign policy should not only be a facade, but a plan for what is really happening within this country.”

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After the Donald Trump era, which saw the brutal withdrawal of the United States from the Human Rights Council, the United States is once again seeking a place in the organization. During the last session the country rallied more than 150 countries around a joint declaration against racism, a victory for a country that currently has only spectator status.

America wants to serve as an example. Diplomats in Geneva and around the world have set their eyes on Washington, and the administration’s words await a definite improvement in the plight of minorities, following a series of presidential decrees signed by Joe Biden to promote equality, content and diversity.

Laurent Burgolter


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