Inps: January 50.3 million sig hours with Covid cause (-42%)

Gale, we see an outright remission of the disease

“From an epidemiological point of view, we are clearly in a positive direction, we are in a moment of frank remission of the disease. The goal is to find a way to not fall into difficult circumstances again in the fall, I would like the realism that you learn from the lessons I received.” And so, in the Agora, on Ray Tree, Massimo Galli, Professor of Infectious Diseases at Milan State University, commenting on the progress of the Covid pandemic in Italy, adds: “Once there is clarification, we tend to leave everything behind. But we cannot Get rid of the effort and experience that has been put into it.” As for the large number of deaths from the Cov-2 virus that is still seen daily in Italy, he notes: “I would like an explanation and can only motivate this by thinking that our country is a very old country and also because of this last great wave, it was There are also many elderly people, often unfortunately not vaccinated, which justifies the trend towards disease progression towards worse outcomes. ” The expert adds that it would be interesting to “know the number of deaths from Omicron”. Knowing this, in fact, “will enable us to better understand how to organize ourselves against this variant, which, as we know, is responsible for the less severe cases. But if there are many infections, the more serious ones also increase.”


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