American Football: NFL: The Antonio Brown scandal - 'Not Bock Anymore'

American football player Antonio Brown of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers caused another scandal in the NFL and the team was fired by his coach afterwards.

“He’s no longer a professional player,” coach Bruce Ariane said after the New York Jets’ 28:24 win. The coach didn’t want to say more about Brown. The 69-year-old has made it clear that he only wants to talk about the players who are still part of his squad.

The 33-year-old Brown was so upset in the third quarter of the game against the New York Jets that he took off his shirt and just walked off the field. Brown was replaced by coach Arianes. His teammate Mike Evans tried to stop him to no avail. Brown threw his shirt and gloves to the crowd in the stands. Without a shirt, he then went to the locker room at MetLife Stadium.

“This is a tough situation,” said Pirates star Tom Brady. “Everyone should do what they can to help him as he needs him. We all love him. He is very important to us,” said the 44-year-old midfielder. “We want to see him at his best, but unfortunately he won’t be in our squad anymore.”

Brady said you have a lot of friendships that will go on. He believes that the most important thing in football is relationships with friends and teammates. “You’re skipping the game. We should all be sympathetic and empathetic now.”

Professional soccer player Brown has caused quite a stir in the past. At the start of last season, he moved to the Bucs, in the first eight weeks he was banned from the league for violating the rules of conduct, and then won the Super Bowl with his team. Recently, Brown was given a three-game suspension from the league due to a false vaccination card.

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