A new fleet to break the Israeli siege on Gaza: activists’ announcement.  A thousand ships leave Istanbul

More than 13 years after the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara ship, which claimed the lives of nine activists, another flotilla of 1,000 ships carrying 4,500 people from 40 countries is preparing to sail from Istanbul towards Gaza to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza. Affected population of more than one […]

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More than 13 years after the Israeli aggression There is no Marmara Which claimed the lives of nine activists and another fleet consisting of A thousand ships With on board 4500 people From 40 countries ready to sail from Istanbul towards Gaza To bring Humanitarian aid For residents affected by the Israeli bombing that has continued for more than a month. This was stated by one of those in charge of the initiative: Volkan OkcuSpeaking to the Turkish website Haber7.

The plan is to start from the bigger cities onwards Bosphorus On Wednesday, it headed towards the Palestinian Strip and attempted to storm it Naval blockade imposed by Tel Aviv. The first stage of the journey will be CyprusThe convoy then plans to head towards an Israeli port Ashdod. According to Okcu, the boats will comply with all international laws and will not carry weapons.

It is a risky operation, given that the waters in front of the Strip are closed by the State of Israel, which aims to control any goods entering and leaving the Strip, as also happens by land and air. In 2008, along with Freedom Flotilla It left Cyprus and also reached the coast of Gaza Vittorio ArrigoniHe died in 2011 in circumstances that were not clear in the Gaza Strip after his kidnapping. While this happened in 2010 Attack on the Mavi Marmara ship. The Israeli army boarded the largest of the eight ships heading to Gaza while it was still there International waters. The vehicles were supposed to provide basic necessities to local residents to break the harsh blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza. But when Tel Aviv soldiers boarded the ferry, the result was 9 dead and 70 wounded, including 10 Israeli soldiers. The army action that caused the severing of diplomatic relations between Israel and Türkiye.

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