What are the causes and effective treatments

Does the cat have a wagging tail? A movement that is best not treated with disdain. Below are all the triggers and treatments for your condition.

Meow with tail wagging – Velvetpets.it

What matters most in the life of domestic cats is their health, and in order to protect them and make them stronger than ever, it is necessary to take care of them every day. All cat movements are signs that something is wrong and it is good to know that. Let’s see, for example, why The cat has a trembling tail And how to solve it.

The cat has a trembling tail: the main reasons

When this feline appendage, which is the tail, starts moving strangely, there may be a hidden reason and it is best to highlight it. Let’s dig deeper here.

Tail wagging in cats
My furry has a trembling tail – Velvetpets.it

One cat’s tail A very special feature From this pet. It is curvy, important and elegant, and moves by twisting its body, in movements often dictated by the cat’s personality.

This, like other parts of his body, performs an essential function for his health and all his movements are the same A form of communication towards those around him. Miu is always talking to us, communicating her feelings and needs of all kinds.

In terms of the waiting list, then, you have to know that there is, basically, Two things Who can be contacted: Marking the lands And Emotions.

Cat emotions

If you notice your cat’s tail twitching, she is basically trying to send you a specific message. when The tail has a quiver at the tipIf the rest of the tail remains straight, this means that the cat He’s so excited He is happy.

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The reasons are many Positive emotion It can be many: the moment when he sees his owner again after a long day, playing a stimulating and fun game, eating.

Watch out for Do not confuse Trembling with excitement that can precede a cat attack. In particular, if kitty Nervous or afraidHe will keep his tail down and his ears down, and grit his teeth. If your cat experiences convulsions, you should contact your vet immediately.

Mark your area

Usually, when a cat has a trembling tail He intends to urinate To select an area that is already yours. After 6 months of life, this is the prevailing situation in many specimens.

If you are planning to control this cat behavior, you can consider this Interfere with sterilization. But, first, think about the factors that make a cat need to be spayed.

How else could his human master interfere? Let’s keep reading.

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Twitching Cat Tail: Can a Cure Be Found?

Often times, we tend to forget that many domestic cat situations are completely normal and it is not uncommon for us not to be able to behave as we would like. Let’s read more about what we need to know.

Meow with trembling tail
Cat’s tail wagging – Velvetpets.it

As we mentioned, many strange and abnormal behaviors in cats are completely normal and normal. In his natureWhich a person must know and understand.

In fact, unfortunately, there are no absolute cures for this particular situation There are no risks at all For his health condition.

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Only sterilization can help us avoid finding certain messes and Cat marking signs in your house.

There are many cat behaviors that we should do Learn to accept With him one must coexist as best as possible. Let’s arm ourselves with knowledge and a lot of patience.


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