Sierra Léone : les Leone Stars à la CAN
Sierra Leone team – image credit: Icon sport

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It’s never too late to do it right. Sierra Leone will return to the African Cup of Nations for the third time in its history, certainly with the aim of reaching the final level.

Sierra Leone in CAN

Sierra Leone participated in 2 CAN: 1994 and 1996. It was the pinnacle of local and international superstar, Mohamed Kallon.

Sierra Leone has 5 CAN matches to its name. A victory, a draw and 3 defeats, during which he scored two goals, and Sierra Leone conceded 11.

Statistics for Sierra Leone in CAN

Sierra Leone never got past the first round of the African Cup of Nations. In 1994 as in 1996, she was eliminated from the group stage. The results, according to edition, were as follows:

can 1994

First round: Sierra Leone v Ivory Coast: 0-4 / Zambia: 0-0

Ranking: 1 – Zambia (3 points) – 2 – Ivory Coast (2 points) – Sierra Leone (1 point).

can 1996

First round: Sierra Leone – Burkina Faso: 2-1 / Algeria: 0-2 / Zambia: 0-4

Ranking: 1 – Zambia (7) – 2 Algeria (7) – 3 – Sierra Leone (3) – 4 – Burkina Faso (0)

Sierra Leone coaches in the African Cup of Nations

Raymond Zarbanilian is the first coach of the African Cup of Nations (1994) for Sierra Leone. French of Armenian descent, he is also the first French speaker to take the lead of an Anglophone African group (Sierra Leone). He died in Paris on March 29, 2011.

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After Sierra Leone’s poor results at the 94th CAN, Swede Roger Lennart Palmgren will replace Raymond Thomas Zarbanilian. The Stockholm-born Sweden will lead the Lyon stars to the 1996 African Cup of Nations and will perform better than his predecessor by winning the match. A 2-1 victory over Burkina Faso is the only success so far for Sierra Leone in the African Cup of Nations.

In other words, we hope that John Kester, the current Sierra Leone coach, will continue to develop his country at the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon. After a point in 1994, 3 in 1996, it might be 5 in 2021, who knows? Even if it’s complicated against Equatorial Guinea, Algeria and Côte d’Ivoire, anything is possible in football.

Sierra Leone records in CAN

Sierra Leone waited for its second trophy to score and win. By defeating Burkina Faso 2-1, he will open the counter of achievements in the competition with a goal scored by Gbasai Sessay in the 11th minute, later imitated by Mohamed Kallon in the 89th minute, after Burkina Faso Traore equalized in the 53rd minute. Sessay and Kallon are the only scorers from Sierra Leone in the African Cup of Nations real time …


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