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June, the +1.5°C threshold was exceeded
June, the +1.5°C threshold was exceeded

The world just recorded the warmest start to June So much so that the global average temperature crossed the threshold of +1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial era during the early days of the month. streetThis is the data presented in a press release from the Copernicus Agency.

The temperature threshold +1.5°C is a key indicator Used to monitor global warming. This temporary break doesn’t mean the world will be hotter forever; It is an indication of how quickly we are approaching this point. In fact, it is not about the event itself, it is more important to avoid an increase in the average global climate temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, and this is also a limitation of the Paris Agreements. For the Copernican Agency, “monitoring the frequency and duration of these violations is more important than ever, if we are to avoid the most serious consequences of the climate crisis.” The more times we temporarily exceed +1.5C, the higher the probability of a permanent overshoot. All components of the climate contribute to this peak even the oceansAnd whose temperatures broke records not only in the Enso region.

However, there are good reasons to say that we will find other periods in the next twelve months The global average air temperature will again exceed pre-industrial levels by more than 1.5°C. Furthermore, there is also a 98% chance that at least one of the next 5 years, and the 5-year period as a whole, will be the warmest on record, and a 32% chance that the 5-year average will cross the 1,5°C threshold.

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