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A newcomer to the sport of surfing. The French with Johann Defay and Jeremy Flores can take advantage of this

Powerful and aerial figures processed by the waves, a sober atmosphere connected with the ocean’s captivating natural element: Surfing plays its first Olympic score, on Sunday at Surikasaki Beach, Blues Johanne Defoe and Jeremy Flores have every look down in history.

About a hundred kilometers east of Tokyo, twenty surfers among the finest on the planet are searching for an Olympic medal for the first time.

By allowing the elite to participate in the Tokyo Olympics the professional and amateur worlds have agreed to provide the most beautiful scenario – discipline would be an extra sport – by abandoning the principle of an artificial pool in favor of a natural site.

Two finals for Defay

Johanne Defay, No. 2 on the World Pro Tour (CD), from her victories at the World Series on the Surf Farm in Lemore (California) in June and from where she was the finalist on Rodnest Island (Australia) in May. “I’m so glad it happened a month before the game, I’ve chained two finals that I have never had in my life, it’s still a new phase,” the 27-year-old reunion delighted. Years.

The essential factor influencing the length of events is the weather. The competition with the duels in the first three rounds will take place over four days – one of which is dedicated to reuse – and the final stage (quarterly, semi-final and final). But if there are no waves, there are still four days left in the program.

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French No. 1 Jeremy Flores lives as an Olympic celebration bonus at the end of his career, he can claim the medal. Dealing with the waves of Surikasaki Beach is very difficult for him, usually very small at this time of year, which means the surfer has to build up the power and speed to do his tricks. But the good news is, a hurricane on the beach could create swell on Sunday.


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