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Age of Empires 4 has been released on PC in a few days, so we will give you some tips and tricks to get you started on the strategy game.

age of empires 4The new adaptation of the popular strategy license will be released on Thursday, October 28 at 5 PM on PC and the title might be a bit complicated at first for some players.

In order to have the best start to the game, we give you some tips and advice.

Play matches against artificial intelligence

From the first hours to you, we recommend you Play against the computer Choose easy or medium difficulty to learn to master the mechanics of the game. Above all, don’t try to face other players directly, because you risk getting caught up against very experienced players.

Choose a nation that is not too complicated

In AoE 4, some countries will have a higher difficulty level than others. It remains easier to play France and England Which will have very interesting bonuses and very powerful unique units.

Keep the villagers active

It is very important that the villagers are always active. Remember to put a good portion of Your workers collect firewood and food and has Two or three focus on stone, gold and masonry.

Improve your travels

Navigation is one of the most important things in the game. Scouts are always checking enemy locations, but also in the face of what Your units hit and retreat regularlyThat is, hit and run. If you master this technique quickly, you will be able to reduce your unit losses. In addition, on the level of travel optimization, we recommend that you Place the collection building as close to the villagers as possible So they don’t have to travel long distances to bring back their stock.

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Put down defenses

Once you start collecting enough wood and stones, We advise you to put horoscopes Which is especially effective against novice players, but also against the computer. Fence your colony too This makes it possible to impede the progress of enemies in the event of an attack and to gain time for your defense units to reach the attacking position.

Guerrilla training

Another important point to master is guerrilla warfare technology Which consists of sending your mobile units as archers or knights In order to destroy your opponent’s economy by eliminating the villagers. By regularly harassing your opponent, you will discourage him and thus win more easily.


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