The workers come across an underground building, which they open without speaking

They come across an underground structure, that’s what happens to these workers. A story that should be left speechless.

Workers find a structure –

Trivial road safety jobs lead to the discovery of something incredibly unexpected. This is what happened to a group of workers who, in the blink of an eye, became the heroes of the day, making themselves the authors of an amazing discovery. Today we tell you this exciting story, which happened very far from us, but no less amazing.

They come across an underground structure, that’s what they find

We are located in Taizhou, a Chinese city in Jiangsu Province, When workers stumble upon an underground structure, they recover something truly unexpected.

The men were doing routine road construction. A simple construction of a new road, but it was suddenly cut off at the moment this road was discovered.

At six feet deep, the workers immediately realized there was something solid and massive. Not wanting to insist too much at the risk of breaking what appeared, they began to dig around it, until they realized they were facing A huge block of stone.

Although it wasn’t clear what exactly it was, it was almost immediately apparent that it must be something very ancient indeed. In order not to make a mistake, the construction manager was immediately persuaded to contact the authorities and thus a team of archaeologists. The only ones able to confirm the suspicion: what they found was an ancient tomb.

They are coming on underground structure
They come across an underground facility –

Upon opening it, what was found inside turned out to be even more surprising. Inside were fabrics, silks, jewelry and, oddly enough, also some liquids. And, obviously, to accompany this trouser, also the rightful owner … the body.

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Not just anyone, however Excellently preserved mummy. The mummy was wrapped in a shroud, and it was completely immersed in a brown liquid. The skin, hair, and even eyelashes were almost completely intact, rendering even very distinctive features.

Mummy of the Ming Dynasty

It didn’t take long to confirm that it was the corpse of a woman, just over five feet tall. Who was this woman? Looking at the jewels, the care with which her body was placed, and the many layers of silk wrapped around her, she couldn’t be an ordinary person.

The mummy of Taizhou, as it was called, He must have lived about 700 years ago according to experts. Although it was impossible to establish his identity with certainty, thanks to the excellent condition of his clothes, archaeologists have been able to put forward some hypotheses. It is believed that the woman lived in a period during which she ruled Ming Dynasty.

Certainly a very large period of time, which covers a period extending from 1368 to 1644. To convince experts, the clothes typical of the time and the discovery of a jewel, a ring of green stone. Civilian or noble? Maybe an upper class woman.

Inside the tomb, archaeologists have also identified some ceramic fragments from the writings and antiquities. But the main mystery concerns the brown liquid in which the corpse was immersed. Initially, it was assumed that the water would filter over time, given the extremely deep position in which the tomb was found. Perhaps a trivial infiltration.

Taizhou mummy
Taizhou mummy –

Unbelievable how this did not damage the mummy, perhaps thanks to sufficient oxygen levels not to stimulate the production of mold and bacteria. Other scientists have wondered if that was the case instead It was not the liquid required, perhaps as a result of some of the methods used to preserve the deceased.

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A question that remains unanswered today. Nevertheless, the tomb proved extremely useful in order to set new pieces on the history and hierarchy of the Ming dynasty. uOne of the most important events in the history of China, which replaced the yuan. You will certainly remember some of the most famous exploits of this empire, such as the Seven Sea Voyages Cheng He, which first crossed Southeast Asia and then the Indian Ocean. It is said that he reached as far as the Horn of Africa.


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