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According to 9to5 Google, the Google Assistant can add more precise voice shortcuts to the traditional “Hey Google” or “OK ​​Google” account.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant on Smartphone // Source: Frandroid

Admittedly, when talking into your connected watch, phone, or speaker, you want to avoid going through the box.” hello google ” where “ok googleWe’d also like him to avoid sneaking up on us, but that’s another topic.

according to9to5GoogleWho, for once, have fun searching the latest version of the Google Assistant app to find hidden lines of code, we should soon be able to forgo the popular primer.

Guacamole Project

The niche site had already discovered some acronyms in April, grouped behind the project name “Guacamole”. And Google seems to have copied the cooking metaphor since the phonetic abbreviations now appear under the codename “salsas”.

These sauces should allow you to ask your assistant to perform certain actions without having to say “Hey Google”. However, they will only work with the voice of the primary user.

It should be possible to choose which shortcuts you want to enable and disable. What should be avoided from setting off alarms in a retaliatory manner.

What are the abbreviations?

The shortcuts are grouped into the following categories: Recommended, Alerts, Connection, General Information, Lights, Media Stopwatch, and Todo List.

Here are the various shortcuts that may be available one day:

  • Set alarms: “Set the alarm for 7 AM.”
  • Cancel Alarms: “Cancel Alarm”
  • Show alarms: “What time is my alarm set?” “
  • Send Broadcast: “Send Broadcast”
  • Answering calls: “Answer” and “Reject”
  • Time asks: “What time is it?” “
  • Weather Question: “What is the weather?” “
  • Turn the lights on and off: “Turn on the light”
  • Increase and decrease brightness: “Increase brightness”
  • Adjust the volume: “Volume up”
  • Pause and resume music: “Pause music.”
  • Skip songs: “Skip this song”
  • Set the timer: “Set the timer for two minutes”
  • Cancel timers: “Cancel timer”
  • Pause and resume the timer: “Pause the timer”
  • Timer Reset: “Reset Timer”
  • Show the counter: “How much time is left?” “
  • Reminders: Create a reminder
  • Family Notes: “Create a Family Note”
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Of course, note that this is just a taste of a feature Google is developing, and that there are still many questions. For example, we don’t know which devices will be compatible.

In addition, at the moment, abbreviations appear only in English, and it is not known whether such efforts are made for French abbreviations.

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