BioShock is one of the most popular shooting game stories of late, which was born on the PC and Xbox 360 consoles (but later came to PlayStation 3) and then arrived in the next generation of consoles. The game has, over the years, produced a trilogy consisting of Chapter 1, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, but we know that it is currently in development as is BioShock 4 as well.

However, for several years, we had no concrete news about the possible future of the series which, during the older generation of consoles, was re-launched with improved and expanded graphics and content.

BioShock 4, despite being announced a few years ago, has not been shown or discussed in recent months. After the stellar success of each chapter of the saga, by critics and fans alike, a new episode is sure to be more than what players have come to expect.

However, we know that 2K Games said it would take several years of development after the announcement in 2019, so it appears that this is indeed the case.

Bioshock 4 is an open world

However, new rumors seem to indicate that the title will be exclusive to Sony PlayStation Home. According to a podcast from Youtuber, he said it is not certain that the upcoming BioShock 4 will be released on the two main game consoles. This new chapter could first be exclusive to PlayStation before moving to multiple platforms.

Nothing is official, of course, so news should be taken with caution as always. It could be argued that such a move – like many other enemies at this time – would drive fans away across the saga.

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Given the company’s past and the games released, the belief that BioShock 4 will be a PlayStation exclusive is entirely unconfirmed. A different discussion about exclusive time very dear to Sony.

So we just have to wait a little longer, maybe a few weeks because there will soon be E3 2021, before we know where and when you can play the new chapter of the shooter so loved by millions. And millions of players.


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