According to Ice Universe, Galaxy S22 It could be a little smaller than expected. but not too much.

Samsung hit hard this summer by lifting the veil on two new foldable smartphones, smartphones that have convinced us with their size and functionality. Now all eyes are on early next year. The date on which the new must be submitted Pioneer From the manufacturer in South Korea.

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Meanwhile, rumors are spreading and the latest one is coming from a major leaker: Ice Universe.

The Galaxy S22 is a little more compact

Earlier in the week, the latter had already posted a series of tweets dedicated to the Galaxy S22.

In these tweets, the leaker in particular tells us that the device will be equipped with a battery of no more than 3,700 mAh. Thus, the battery is slightly smaller than that which was present on board this year’s devices.

Why this difference? Quite simply because Samsung would have given itself the task, or goal, to produce a device that was more compact and therefore easier to handle.

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Consumer’s best friend looking for a slim fit?

In its post, Ice Universe indicates that the Galaxy S22 will be smaller and thinner than the iPhone 13, which will be its direct competitor. Obviously, to get there, Samsung had to make some compromises and this includes incorporating a smaller battery…and a lower capacity.

However, the leakage does not stop there. In a second tweet, he also specified that the Galaxy S22 will have a 6.06-inch diagonal screen, versus 6.1 inches for this year’s model. If the difference doesn’t seem like much, it can still help reduce the extra weight of the phone. More so if Samsung can reduce the size of the borders around the panel.

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If these tweets are correct, the Galaxy S22 should be a great surprise for anyone looking for a compact, one-handed smartphone. We just have to hope that autonomy follows.


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