Quantic Dream: Mitarbeiterzahl der Star Wars Eclipse-Macher wächst deutlich

Quantic Dream managed to significantly increase the number of employees last year, which is also much needed: the company is currently working on three projects, including Star Wars Eclipse.

Quantic Dream announced in the evening hours that staffing could be increased by 50 percent in 2021. The studio contradicts previous reports that said the company was struggling to recruit and retain staff.

In a press release, Quantic Dream also confirmed that it is currently working on three in-house titles, including the previously announced Star Wars Eclipse.

Statement by Guillaume de Vondomiere

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, General Manager of Quantic Dream commented: “In a context still affected by the health crisis, 2021 at Quantic Dream was marked by results that exceeded expectations and a significant increase in our workforce by more than 50 percent and the conclusion from various manufacturing partnerships.”

“Our strong financial results are explained by strong sales of our back catalog titles, most notably Detroit: Become Human, which crossed the token of selling 1 million copies on Steam in 2021. With over 6.5 million copies sold worldwide on PC And PS4, this title is now Quantic Dream’s biggest commercial success.”

Quantic Dream aims to continue hiring in 2022, a year that aims to “set a new milestone in the production stages of these three unique titles.”

Quantic Dream also managed a pre-tax net result of more than 5.8 million euros in 2021, thus achieving a record profit for the third consecutive year.

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While the studio declined to reveal details about the other two games, one of them is suspected to be based on The Dark Sorcerer’s technology demo, codenamed Dreamland. Also, job postings posted last summer suggest that one of the new games will feature micro-transaction and multiplayer. More about Quantic Dream Included in the related news overview.

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More news about Quantic Dream.

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