Herthas neuer Trainer Sandro Schwarz. (Bild: IMAGO / Sven Simon)

Mahatma’s heir apparently discovered

According to a media report, Sandro Schwartz is set to become the new Herta coach

Imego / Sven Simon

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Herta has found the heir to the BSc Felix Magnum. According to a “kicker” report, Sandro Schwartz is set to become the club’s new coach. A native of Mainz, he last served at Bundesliga three years ago.

Sandro Schwartz is set to become the new coach of Herta BSc. Suggests that Special magazine “Football” Thursday evening. Most recently, Herta’s manager Freddie Babik announced that he was already having extensive discussions with a new coach. Now the Capital Club has agreed with Schwartz as head coach.


Black is still competing in the Russian Cup final

Schwarz, who is currently in Russia, will face Dynamo Moscow in the Russian Cup final against city rivals Spartak on Sunday afternoon. “Kicker” writes that after that he will have to cancel the contract there, which will run until 2024. Hertha’s interest in Schwarz was already reported in early May. At present both sides seem to have reached an agreement.

Next week, Schwarz will arrive in Berlin and be offered as the new Herta coach. Schwarz captured Dynamo Moscow in October 2020 and finished third in the Russian Premier League with the club last season, the best final of the Soviet champions eleven times in a decade.

Black would have come in the 2nd division as well

Prior to Schwarz left for Russia, he worked as a head coach at FSV Mainz 05 from 2017 to 2019 at the Bundesliga. He was relieved of his duties on November 10, 2019, after a negative series of only nine points from the first eleven Bundesliga games.

According to the “kicker”, Schwarz, who was recently a candidate in Schalke, would have come to Berlin despite pushing Hertha. Football magazine reports that there was a basic agreement between the two scenes. Schwarz assistant coach Volkan Bulut and video analyst Daniel Fischer are set to follow from Moscow to Berlin. Appoint another assistant coach

In addition to coach Felix Magad, his assistant Mark Fotheringham and athletics coach Werner Luthor from Berlin said goodbye earlier in the week. Goalkeeper coach Andreas Menger and attacking coach Vedat Ibisevic will continue on Hertha’s coaching staff.

Broadcast: rbb24 | Inforadio, May 27, 2022, 6:15 p.m.

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