Millions of users risk seeing their smartphones deprived of internet access on Thursday, September 30th. Reason ? The date of the security certificate. Some old mobile phones that have not made the updates offered by their operating system, be it Android or IOS, are concerned.

Cyber ​​security expert Scott Helm is sounding the alarm. Explanations about this particular phenomenon.

Our internet phones?

Will our phones be denied internet access from September 30th? So says Scott Helm, cybersecurity specialist on his blog. According to him, the certificate that allows good communication between the phone and the website can change.

This is a famous computer tool that will lead to changes in terms of good Internet access. For an expert, all operating systems will be affected by this change, be it Android, iOS and even those on PS4.

Old phones affected

The effect will also affect tablets and computers. But don’t panic. As mentioned BFMHowever, this computer problem is only related to older models of phones. For brevity, to be affected by not being able to surf the web, your phone should not have been updated since… 2010.

For Android, versions prior to 2.3.6 are affected. On Apple’s side, it is necessary to have a version of the operating system beyond iOS 10, which was released more than five years ago. Rest assured, the latest iPhone will not be affected by the change. It is difficult to estimate the people in France who would be affected by this modification of the certificate, but they would be far from the majority.

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But if you have an old model phone, you can still continue to use the Internet by browsing Firefox, which does not have the same security protocol.


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