Gamescom 2021: Gamescom Awards Winner
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At Gamescom 2021, as every year, the best games will be selected. This year’s Gamescom Awards recognized some of the most promising games.

Cologne – Gamescom 2021 kicks off tonight with the opening Night Live, directed by Geoff Keighley. During the two-hour show, fans will not only be shown new games, but some prizes will also be awarded. The most promising titles will be honored with the Gamescom Awards. These are the winners.

exhibition name t Gamescom
your location Cologne
The first exhibition t 2009, formerly a gaming convention in Leipzig
Visitors (2019) t 373,000
Viewer (2019)t 1153
next appointment t From August 25, 2021 to August 27, 2021

Gamescom 2021: Gamescom Awards Winner – These are the best games of 2021

The Gamescom Awards It has been awarded in Messer for over ten years. A jury of fans will vote on games in a total of 24 categories. Categories contain the best games from each console, including, for example, the best indie game. Only two awards are excluded from the vote: the “Wanted” award and the “Best Video” award. These awards will be awarded by community vote during Gamescom 2021.

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© Gamescom / IMAGO / Arnulf Hettrich (compilation)

This year there were some top-notch nominees for the Gamescom Awards. There were a total of three games to choose from in each category. These will be announced during Opening Night Live. Below you can find the Gamescom Awards winners in the individual categories. We will continue to update the list as soon as a new winner is announced.

  • Bestes Action-Adventure
    To be announced
  • Best action game
  • To be announced
  • Best family game
    To be announced
  • Best indie game
    To be announced
  • Best RPG
    To be announced
  • Best simulation
    To be announced
  • The best sports game
    To be announced
  • Best strategy game
    To be announced
  • The best multiplayer game
    To be announced
  • Bestes “continuous game”
    To be announced
  • The most authentic game
    To be announced
  • Best Microsoft Xbox game
    Hello Infinite – Microsoft Germany
  • Best Nintendo Switch game
    Mario + Rapids Spark of Hope – Ubisoft
  • The best PC game
    Siberia: The World Before – Estragon Entertainment
  • Best Sony PlayStation game
    Elden Ring – Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
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In addition to these categories of Consumer Awards, there are also categories from the Gamescom World Awards. These awards are precisely the highlights of Gamescom 2021 itself. This adds five more categories in which there are still no candidates. You can see what these awards are here. We will hand over the winners as soon as we know them.

  • Best ad
    An award for the most exciting announcement, reveal or premiere of Gamescom 2021
  • Bestes . assortment
    Prize for the publisher with the best or most exciting game on offer
  • Best trailer
    Best Trailer Award at Gamescom 2021. All trailers available at Gamescom are participating now.
  • the best games
    Grand Main Prize – All games that win in a different genre or platform category are automatically entered here.
  • Gaming Heart Award
    Gamescom Special Prize 2021 – All outstanding Gamescom events are eligible for this award, whether they are games, accessories and technologies, or even people or companies.

Rating Rules List List: © Gamescom / Unsplash


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