Rocket Team Picnic Event featuring Molanc and Amphira

Team Go Rocket Company Outing launches in Pokémon Go on April 3, 2022 The second event of the month, which then ends around 8:00 PM on April 7, 2022. The bad guys and girls of Team Rocket will ambush you at PokéStops or fly over their Rocket balloons. If they don’t have anything else to do other than harass you…^^

What’s new in the Rocket Team outing?

Villains from Pokemon Go are now using other Shadow Pokemon, not only Grunts, but also bosses Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra!

  • GO Rocket has once again turned some innocent pocket monsters into Crypto Pokémon, and this time they haven’t bothered with Alola Pokémon:
    • Cipher Alola Ratfratz
    • Crypto Alola Sandan
    • Crypto Alola Kokowei
    • cipher Mugelbaum
    • Grapharige cipher
    • Crypto Camaub
  • Crypto Pokémon will always have a thwarted Charged Attack. With Charged TM, Pokemon can forget this attack during the event period!
  • If you defeat the GO Rocket members and get an egg that is 12 kilometers long, Molunk may hatch! Molunk is a Fire and Poison type Pokemon. Only a female Molunk can develop into an Amfira, also a fire and poison species.
  • With new field quest missions, you can take on Sniebel and also with a lot of luck in his awesome form. You also have a chance to get the rare Pokémon Zurrokex.
  • You can purchase an Event Chest for 1,275 PokéCoins in the Pokémon Go Store. This contains 10 upper potions, 10 revives, and 5 missile radars.


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