The live service branch of “Grand Theft Auto” is still very popular and was recently equipped with The Contract, an extension of content. The musician Dr. Dre and assigns you an important matter, many objects such as Buffalo STX have also been added. do you have dr. Having already met Dre and secured the tank on four wheels, she had not yet reached the end of the contract.

Once you complete the main task in the contract, you will have access to a completely new location as well as some new tasks designed for collaboration. If you want to get the most out of the update, you should visit this new place and take on these tasks. Below is everything you need to get started with both.

Access to GTA Online: Record A Studios

You can find Record A Studios in Rockford Hills once the game starts, but you won’t be able to enter the building yet – so don’t worry, it’s by design.

To enter, you must first open and complete the tasks from the contract. You can learn how to do it in this guide. When you finally meet Dr. Meet Dre and complete his VIP contract assignment, you will be invited to the musician’s recording studio along with Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis. Then you can finally get into Record A Studios in “GTA Online”.

Start short journey missions in GTA Online

Before visiting Record A Studios, be sure to collaborate with a friend. Because while the missions in the nodes were very feasible for single players, the missions in the short journey series are designed for two players. So bring a friend before you venture down this road.

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When you first enter Record A Studios, the first of the three short trip missions will be triggered. Here are the names of the missions:

  • Short Trip – Starting Capital
  • Short trip – free of fire
  • Short Trip – OG Kush

As the titles suggest, these three missions revolve around Franklin and Lamar’s cannabis lair. Upon entering these missions, the user slips into the role of Franklin or Lamar, making these missions a unique experience in “GTA Online”.

To start the successive short trek missions, simply visit the Lamar Davis icon on the map screen.


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